Noonoouri in a dress by Valentino in Tokyo via Joerg Zuber

What’s behind a Virtual Influencer: An Interview with Joerg Zuber, Creator of Noonoouri

Noonouri is not your typical 19-year-old girl. She has over 200,000 Instagram followers, already boasts collaborations with the biggest fashion brands and she enviably lives in Paris. And while her dreams and ambitions cannot be more real, she hardly is; she only exists in the virtual world.She is a virtual influencer.

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Lil Miquela Instagram

Created Perfect: Virtual Influencers Are Redefining What is Real

“In an era where influencers, or as now called, public opinion leaders, dominate social media, H2R (Human 2-Robot) interaction is evolving at a rapid pace. And while we seem to be years away from actually encountering robots on the streets, social media is the place when virtual influencers are taking center space. Fictional computer-generated people, with realistic human characteristics, features, and personalities to match are becoming our newest social media friends and influencers.”

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Ninette Murk’s eternal optimism will save the world

“Fashion must slow down, its more imperative now than it has been some years ago. The fashion schedule with so many shows a year and countless meetings and fast fashion production are destroying nature, the most important thing we have-and thus our wellbeing and future”

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