For Mature Model Irina Dymco Age Is Just A Number


Sometimes you need to go far, way further from your comfort zone to fulfill your wildest dreams. For Ukrainian model Irina Dymko, the flourishing independent-focused new fashion reality of her home country meant she could go beyond age, borders, and even, time. Rebooting her life after 44 after climbing Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia, she is currently planning a series of next moves that include discussions with several high-profile brands and clients in both Ukraine and Europe. For the second part of our Fashion In Ukraine series, she narrates her inspiring life story to Olga Zykova, especially for TheStleTitle readers.

How do you manage to balance your professional and family life?

I have a big family – my husband and three sons. When my children were little, it was sometimes hard, and I didn’t even have time to think about myself. Still, i don’t I do not regret that. I still remember how my children smell, how they were smiling and chatting in their language and also playing naughty. It will stay with me forever. Time passes quickly and the only thing we keep is memories.

Tell us about your professional life

I was born in Odessa and graduated from music school. My initial profession is a political scientist yet I started doing business with my husband. I currently do charity work as well as dancing Bachata and Salsa.

And how did you first start modeling?

In June 2019. I climbed Mount Elbrus and this changed my whole life. You can even say that was my first step to modeling.”

What makes you special? Are you dreaming about something now?

I love Odessa’s sun, warmth, and sea. I enjoy traveling to new, interesting places and communicating with new people – it energizes me. I personally try to accept people as they are, I just don’t like irresponsible people. My future plans include climbing Mount Elbrus again in June-July 2021 and collaborating with fashion designers and top photoraphers. I dream to see myself on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle; I ask: “Who, if not me? When, if not now?” As i say,age is irrelevant,dreams are forever.

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