Welcome, 2021. Instead of Trends, a Manifesto

PFW 2021 Dior protestor

2020 will go down in history as the year that made the fashion industry rethink its core values and perceptions. 2021 can only be better though if we create it than eagerly anticipate its influence. The StyleTitle said goodbye to 2020 but published no 2020 trends we loved overview. Or any 2021 trends forecasting, at least for now. Gone are the in’s, out’s, and must-haves of the season. Beyond the obvious, in the territory of the creative and the unexpected, there lies the true power of fashion as a social mirror, and as wearable art.

At this point, trends and hype seen to have no actual impact on what is being developed in front of our eyes. It’s time for a manifesto. Written by fashion for fashion. A reality test based on creativity and imagination.A journey to the future but with reference to the past we love and cherish, not in a museum-like sense but a vivid representation of today. That will serve all but the elite yet written by the elite, the lovers of the impossible and the connoisseurs of our deepest desires. We need truth, respect, and representation. We need to take the courageous step to ignore what sells and take into account what matters. This will sell in the long run.

Fashion comes both from the street and the creative imagination of true talents such as Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander  McQueen, and John Galliano. This is how the actual discourse happens and innovation takes place. Enough with fashion art festivals, meaningless collaborations, and drop-offs that serve the hype. Commercialism will eventually transform the industry into a self-feeding monster we won’t recognize.

Our post-modern approach of anything goes has long ago killed constructive fashion criticism, giving a voice and a platform to practically everyone that has an Instagram account. This kind of democratization is what makes fashion reviews look and read like product placements or advertorials. And without writers remembering us how high our expectations must be, there comes the shady empire of hype we experience today,

In 2021, let’s be true, for a change.Everything else will follow.

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