Artist Anna Khachatryan films a Space Fairytale styled by Patricia Field


My first encounter with Anna Khachatryan’s work was through Facebook-later on I discovered she had several successful photography exhibitions under her belt in both her native Armenia and internationally. A multi-talented personality self-defined as a ‘multidimensional artist’, Anna’s images are bold, beautiful and sometimes otherworldly. Pop art references and a hint of surrealism combined with fashion photography aesthetics make for a creative mix that is uniquely hers.

Her most recent fashion video marks a creative collaboration with celebrity stylist Patricia Fields and expands this vision into a choreographed visual tale of order and chaos.’ I met Patricia Field in Miami Art Basel where I was exhibiting some of my pieces and we started talking. She loved my work and we decided that I would work on a film featuring her designs. In a couple weeks I already had come up with the idea of the video. True to her artistic obsessions, Anna chose to shoot the film in green screen, something she’d never done before.

‘I initially wanted a fairytale from another world but I did not know how to get that feeling and where to shoot for to have this feeling of magic-then I decided I would film on a green screen.’

Having total creative freedom was something liberating: . Patricia trusted me on what I would do. I worked with New York-based studio: jump to the light that efficiently supported my artistic vision.

A new world indeed. In the minutes of the video, classic ballet dancers swirl around performing an elaborate choreography. The absence of models in a fashion film is noticeable but Anna has a strong concept in mind. ‘I wanted the ballet academy dancers to perform on the video which they did. Having models feels old school –in fact, it doesn’t get attention anymore’, she notes.

‘It was an imagination of a new world’ adds Khachatryan. The idea of living on another planet is fascinating -perhaps more fascinating is trying to aesthetically explore it through a fashion video. The eve of a brave new world utopia? ‘A piece of it, at least ‘, she concludes.

IMG_5910 (1)

Directed by Anna Khachatryan
Location, Videography, and Edited by Jump Into The Light 
Performers by Vassiliev Academy of Classical Ballet
Styling by Patricia Field
Music by Owl Vision 

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