In, Paris, Gucci and Christian Dior are offering an escape-but to where?


The opening of Paris FashionWeek was with a bang-Gucci, the Italian fashion colossus chose to show in Paris instead of Milan, and Christian Dior the heritage brand presented a show accompanied by dance-and inspired by it.

And so,Dior kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a runway full of dancers choreographed by Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal, a modernist ‘apres-midi’ one could say, that acted as the opening part for the parade of models wearing Maria Grazia Chiuri’s interpretation of what would be an urban dancer, expressing the beauty in the body movement.

With the reality around us being as difficult as ever, a little escapism and magic is more than justifiable, its a human need. And fashion being the ‘wearable’ art is more than entitled to represent that, its expected to.

But how was the fashion in this magnificent Dior catwalk? Fashion was actually telling a story of its own. There were draped, Grecian style dresses and floaty skirts worn with reworked bar jackets, shoes inspired by ballet pumps and of course, berets. Interestingly enough, though, they where unflattering.


Alessandro Michele chose an abandoned Parisian theatre to show the house’s spring collection adding to the theatrical references of the clothes themselves. In Gucci, the escapism is always present as a step towards the absurd and the stylistically unexpected and the choice of the venue was to further confirm its a stage play we might be watching.

But again,how where the clothes? Well,following the typical Gucci aesthetic that combines several references and styles for a multicolored and maximalists result, there were thongs worn over pants, colorful dresses worn with turbans, glitter, sequins, you name it, it was there.

Fashion has a long past of referencing theatre or dance and the results when this was achieved as a unified aesthetic result were indeed an escape towards an art dreamland. Still, it takes more than a few dancers or a particular venue to attribute those values to a fashion,collection-it needs an aesthetic approach and good design, design as art. And then we could possibly escape to beauty.



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