Haider Ackermann Fall 2018 collection-Towards an Urban Romanticism


Haider Ackermann’s world is not one based on commercial success or hype.He is instead favoring creativity over commerciality,as he recently explained during an interview for Vogue. ”We are faced with reality enough: the designs that I have made me travel with my mind, and I like that – I think that’s luxury.”

Redefining luxury is only the starting point for Ackermann’s Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection. “We’re going through strange times; I wanted to have this fragility, but also something very uplifting,” he told reporters after the show. Flouncing fabrics and soft hues represented this fragility while worn with great basics such as jackets and coats-after all Ackermann is first and foremost a master-tailor.More aggressive colors such as electric sky blue and green for blouses and jackets were paired with equally bright tights and booties to match.

Throughout the show there was a feeling of fashion as a haven, of a place inside a fairy tale were one’s true self can flourish.There was an ever present shift between dynamism and softness,especially while garments in black lined with soft dusty pink or mustard velvet to underline this dualism.True is,Ackerman’s world has never been boring.


(ph: Indigital.tv)

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