The downfall of ”thinking” fashion-Prada Fall 2018 collection

Prada RTW Fall 2018

Self posing the high standard of ”thinking fashion” is a courageous act but itself,still one that can easily backfire.Thursday was this very day for Prada.On the pretext of a feminine manifesto, an idea much in tune with the recent #metoo movements,Miuccia Prada send down the runway a neon plethora of unsustainable fabrics and dark florals teamed with futuristic Mary Janes,Prada ‘identity cards’ and protective-wear boots that resembled wellingtons. Oh, and colored tulle bows-on the models’ necks.

Prada may be right in describing her perception of the feminine nature as one of a  “constant dialogue and struggle” between “what you have to be to be strong and active and protect yourself, and what women inherited – the sweetness, the bows, the femininity.Its about managing the duality”, she concluded. Still, the show was nor about strength, neither about sweetness and most certainly not about anything in between.How can feminine freedom be defined,pictured as the ability to literally ‘glow’ in the dark?How can a collection of outfits made by almost only man-made,unsustainable materials be considered acceptable? Do women need clothes that resemble ‘protecting-wear’ to actually feel safe?

Lets be frank-there is no actual thought process accompanying this collection and this is the very reason the delivering is lets say, unsuccessful. But that’s what happens when your sole concern is raising profit sales by reaching a millennial clientele that consume fashion with no thought process at all.You lose your very own.

Prada RTW Fall 2018Prada RTW Fall 2018Prada RTW Fall 2018Prada RTW Fall 2018





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