‘Food for thought’ at Peter Pilotto Fall 2018 show.


Food is one of the hottest fashion trends today. Raf Simons staged a bacchanal feast in his New York menswear show and repeated the action with a bed of popcorn at Calvin Klein.Rosie Assoulin incorporated nothing less than a full crepe station at her New York show True is, fashion have always had an underlying connection with food as a sign of both status and opulence.This season though food is serving mostly as a physical backdrop to the clothes and to the designers’ vision rather than a mere theme.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos decision to show in Tramp, a 70s dining place-and disco appears to have influenced their vision of the clothes that actually fit in such a place. Luxury and opulence were key to their vision,with luxe coats, silk blazers and patterned 70s-inspired dresses a la Ossie Clark. The guests were treated to a first course meal, food being both a commodity and a setting.

More as an artistic medium rather than an subject,food as part of the fashion show is forcing us to reconsider how values are assigned in both art and life.The idea of accessible luxury comes to mind with fine food being a more affordable symbol of luxury and status than most designer goods.The ethical debate about whether ‘wasting’ food just to serve the artist’s vision is acceptable also goes strong, with no easy answers.


(ph: InDigital.tv)






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