New York Fashion Week: Elizabethan references dominate Oscar de la Renta Fall 2018 show.


If New York Fashion Week is mostly about wearable elegance,the Oscar De La Renta Fall 2018 show was much about it-and more. Designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia were inspired by a visit to the Cloisters with Oscar himself, there visiting an installation by Janet Cardiff. This aesthetic experience was translated into a ‘magic forest’ runway aa well as inspired the Elizabethan motifs apparent in the collection.

The collection was indeed interesting,blurring the line between daywear and evening wear as Oscar himself loved to do with tulle coats and embroidered dresses being the highlights of the show. In fact the collection was all about evening-wear qualities such as super luxe fabrics  (organza,tulle and chine) and rich colors that actually worked nicely, creating an air of grandeur.

Still, the number of looks was too big and the actual shapes too similar to evoke an emotional reaction of seeing something new.There is also the issue of a reference being too much of a… reference. Elizabethan-inspired quilting seemed to dominate the runway as such,the theme not being pursued enough to actually being re visioned. But there’s still time for the design duo to work on Oscar’s great legacy and produce something beautiful -and new.


.(Getty Images)




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