In Vetements Fall 2018 show,there is styling over fashion design.


If there is one fashion name that’s creating hype,its Vetements. This season was no different,with the brand’s Fall 2018 show taking place in the Saint-Ouen suburb of Paris,inside Paul Bert Serpette,the oldest antique market in the wold.

There Demna Gvasalia sent out several looks all of them comprised of what it seemed several items worn all at once:skirts,jumpers,even jackets work above jackets.There were also scarves tied around the waist and the head as well as items worn inside out.Vogue magazine was quick to describe the collection as being “flea market chic,” a term which is strangely accurate.

Yet having a closer look at the whole Vetements approach of fashion we see that whatever presented has a cognitive ‘value’ not a aesthetic one. The looks were styled as ‘statements’ in such an extent there was no space for fashion design at all.Everything is supposed to have a semiotic meaning: the antique market evoking the idea of the ‘hidden treasure’, the layers of clothes the idea of conspicuous consumption,the show invitation the idea of hype that sells-all those being in the core of Vetements’ success.

Still,this is styling.Not design.














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