The cause and the show-Why wearing black at the Golden Globes 2018 is not enough.

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Spring 2017 Couture collection.

By now almost everyone knows that at this year’s Golden Globes many actresses will swipe their dark blue,all-sheer or pastel gowns for black ones, as part of a much larger Hollywood initiative called ‘Time’s Up’.The concept behind the movement was detailed in a open letter in the Times on January 1,signed by upt to 200 agents, writers, directors and producers.It called for a sartorial protest through uniformity in attire in an event that most women usually aspire to ‘stand out’ ,to impress with their appearance. The idea behind choosing black as the color to protest is as old as time as it signifies mourning (for the state of thing being as it is?) along with protesting alliance.

The Sunday Golden Globes red carpet will be a special one, no doubt of that and perhaps many more people will tune up to watch it and thus getting aware there is a cause of protest,an issue to be addressed-sexual harassment.Still,wearing black at an event that is typically considered ‘a black tie’ one makes me think that perhaps a more radical choice of color would serve the cause better-think of red or white.

The Golden Globes are primarily a show and making a show out of a cause is not perhaps the best possible idea.Still,it is a way of making people aware that there is a problem going on in the industry.And this HAS to change.

What is far more important and needs to be showcased is that the the organizers behind the movement launched a $13 million legal defense fund women unable to financially support and protect themselves from sexual harassment.They also campaign for the need of a legislation change to penalize companies that tolerate sexual misconduct.

In the end of the day,wearing black does not qualify as an act of activism by itself. But campaigning for the causes above certainly makes a difference.Only that this has to happen all year long.




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