‘Transformation Seduction’-Shaping the path for the new Givenchy; the House’s new ad campaign.


Saffron-Vadher-Elias-Bouremah-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqR1NEJ9ZdplJAhkgz-txN4TTFtmkqWwSjE8ZwVp1pbKA (1)

The new Givenchy advertising campaign is there and what strikes us first is that Claire Waight Keller, new in at Givenchy, has decided to seriously differentiate  from Ricardo Tisci’s luxurious, instagram friendly-aesthetics, embracing more of an Alber take on things both classy and luxurious.The key here to understand the new meaning behind the new Givenchy is the idea of unification, the process that will lead to a new seductive identity.It is a metamorphosis that Givenchy himself had addressed when described the ideal woman as one that: “She has an extraordinary flair for looking dressed with practically nothing. She knows how to look in a mirror, pose, and make whatever she is wearing chic. And since simplicity is the only thing she likes, she is always faultlessly elegant.” 

The campaign is shot by one of fashion’s top names,Steven Meisel, a choice of person    indicating to all Givenchy lovers that the House will continue to be at the helm of fashion zeitgeist-still maintaining a classy,artistic quality by choosing to release the first campaign in good-old black and white format.Young models Meghan Roche, Saffron Vadher, Elias Bouremah and Kolton Bowen are featured wearing relaxed yet luxurious pieces of new basics or fitted lace tops for the girls and tuxedo trousers for the boys, the very essence of simplicity a-la-Givenchy. And it works.

The images feature also a number of adorable felines with customized Givenchy collars (a nod to R.Tisci’s  super glam era at the House) enhancing the lounge feeling-indeed the clothes are not distinctively daywear or eveningwear, as are part of  the models’ seduction-armour. There is even a Humbert de Givenchy reference to felines in a vintage scarf where inspiration was initially drawn to feature the lovely animals-apart from their charm.

The idea of a gender blurring presentation is something new to Givenchy but is something integral to the new face presented by Claire Waight Keller, as she’s planning to show a debut collection that will include both menswear and womenswear. The ideal of the metamorphosis towards an androgyny seduction is very much present into the current campaign,as Waight Keller describes: ‘‘To me, Givenchy is a world where women and men alike are strong, stoic and mysterious. They own their power, and share it equally,”

Sounds promising indeed.And love the possibility of actual.. cats on the catwalk.






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