FIT Exhibit to celebrate the impact of Black designers in the fashion industry.


Ann Lowe, wedding dress, 1968, USA. Gift of Judith A. Tabler, 2009.70.2. Photo: Eileen Costa/The Museum at FIT

The impact of Black designers in the fashion industry is undeniable and FIT is gearing up to delve a bit deeper into the implications of the influence.

The Fashion Institute of Technology is set to recognize contributions and explore the impact of designers of African descent with an exhibition titled “Black Fashion Designers,” reports WWD.

“Although there have been exhibitions on individual Black designers, this is the first major exhibition in many years that highlights the global history of Black fashion designers from the 1950s to the present,” states a description of the exhibit on the museum’s website.

The showcase, funded by the FIT Diversity Council, will feature approximately 75 looks by more than 60 designers as well as a short film that discusses the ongoing conversation surrounding diversity in the fashion industry.

In the film, Andre Leon Talley leads a talk with Tracy Reese and Mimi Plange on their experiences as Black women professionals in fashion and the importance of diversity.

The exhibit will showcase the works of designers including but not limited to Patrick Kelly, Duro Olowu, Ann Lowe, Stephen Burrows and Cushnie et Ochs.

It will also feature eight themes including “The Rise of the Black Designer,” “Black Models,” “The Street Influence,” “The African Experience,” and more.


Duro Olowu, ensemble, Fall 2012, England. Gift of Duro Olowu, 2016.65.1. Photo: Eileen Costa.The Museum at FIT

The exhibition, organized by assistant curator of Costume and Textiles Ariele Elia, will run from December 3 to May 16.


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