The long lost game of creativity: Peter Dundas exits Roberto Cavalli



Its has only been a year-and a half- that Peter Dundas was appointed creative director at Roberto Cavalli-with the designer presenting a last collection of luxurious hippie look for spring 2017 -and his departure was officially announced.

Roberto Cavalli CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris  produced a  statement that read: “On behalf of Roberto Cavalli and our shareholders, we thank Peter Dundas for his contribution to the brand, and we wish him well for his future”

”I want to thank Roberto Cavalli and the Group for this valuable experience and I wish them the best in their future endeavors,” said Dundas. “I am especially grateful to the ateliers and the teams who participated in this adventure.”

The above are not to be viewed out of context.This-somehow unexpected move- coincided with a major change in ownership and leadership at Roberto Cavalli, which was acquired by private equity firm Clessidra S.p.A.last April.

Still, creative-directors’ hopping is not a Cavalli thing only.Peter Dundas is the last to a long line of creative directors leaving major fashion houses after a considerably short period of time-think Justin O’ Shea’s departure from Brioni almost a week ago.The challenge of maximizing profits and making openings to new client bases has been in the search for most of the houses and the see now-buy now novelty that was introduced in NY. fashion week just added pressure to traditional houses-today the need for constant evolution is vital.This is when experimentation comes in-the designers’ musical chairs is the example of the search for the creative director that will boost sales,reach new clients and introduce an individual style-think Karl for example

Still,for all the above to work,come to fruition,there is one element needed that most CEOs dread-time.You can’t study the brands dna,analyse its history and its client base before projecting those unique qualities into the future when the clock in constantly ticking over your head.Roberto Cavalli CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris is pretty much aware of it when announcing the closure of their Milan studios to focus on their Florence one-after all its there where all started.Still,there will be soon facing the need for a new creative designer,hopefully one that will given the opportunity to study the house’s archives thoroughly before bringing new life to it-aka boost sales.

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