Alexander McQueen Spring 2017,Ready-To-Wear:”Perfect Imperfections”.


Remember  Lee McQueen’s “The Widows of Culloden” show back in 2006? A stunning  collection full of Jacobite rebel energy, celebrating Scottish heritage and beauty in equal terms.Now,Sarah Burton takes the whole team back to Scotland for inspiration and the results are less aggressive and more ethereal.”The collection was about coming together, and the imperfections in that unity,” Burton herself explained backstage-much like the traditional Taatit rugs that were lined all over the catwalk.

Alexander Mc Queen is a brand that focuses both on craft and on high quality atelier skills-and this collection was a celebration of both.Sheer wool lace,Fairisle knits,tartans,  dresses woven with heather or roses and embroidered black leather dominated the runway-a series of beautifully tailored yet wearable items that will become l’objets du desir for many of us.Last but not least came perhaps the most heartbreaking of dresses from this Paris Fashion Week-an ethereal dress with its ruffled train mimicking  a shipwreck  with crashing waves in silver sequins-a true showstopper.


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