Brand new Willy Vanderperre exhibition taking place in New York.


The iconic fashion photographer brings prints, films, posters and more to Red Hook Labs in New York in an exhibition that celebrates his unique sometime anarhic take on fashion and photography..The Belgian-born photographer’s approach of  fashion and youth culture in general has appeared in American Vogue, W Magazine, AnOther, Love, and, of course, V. He has collaborated with fellow Belgian Raf Simons, Christian Dior, Dior Homme, Jil Sander, and Prada.

This show, which is titled ‘Willy Vanderperre: Prints, films, posters and more’will – as the name suggests – feature a range of over 50 of Vanderperre’s multimedia works, selected with the intention of connecting with the gallery’s young audience.It will run from September 15 through September 25, at Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, New York, an event not to be missed i’d say!.


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