‘Blend’ exhibition by Raw Color presented at Aram Gallery during London Design Festival 2016


During London Design Festival 2016, The Aram Gallery will present Blend, a solo exhibition by Raw Color. The Eindhoven-based interdisciplinary design studio will show a range of products, experiments and installations that relate to its research in colour. The title Blend also refers to the various media across which the studio works: photography, textile, interactive and print.

Exhibits will include: Chromatology, which references Vincent van Gogh’s experimental colour mixing, a trio of paper-shredders acts in response to visitors’ movements, leaving a colourful paper trail; The Fans, a group of fans with coloured blades choreographed to show how colour can be blended by motion, and Index – a collection of towels and blankets that reveals the tones that make up coloured woven textiles.

The studio is also developing three new projects which will be shown for the first time during the exhibition. With a firm and continued interest in how designers work and develop ideas, The Aram Gallery invited Raw Color to show how an interdisciplinary practice gets inspired from one activity to another, and the flow of ideas between self-initiated and commissioned work.


(Chromatology (2015)


(The Fans (2014)


(Index Collection (2012)

(All images courtesy of Raw Color

text courtesy of : Creativeboom.com)

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