PlanB trends’ studio presenting PlanB-a live magazine,a fashion ”tableau vivant”!


I feel privileged that during my staying in Athens,Greece i made the  acquaintance of Athena Matisse,the heart and soul behind PlanB trends studio and the founder of PlanB fashion-meets-installation art event,that took place in Athens with great success.Athena Matisse is no stranger to installation or performing art.As an architect, illustrator, fashion and life style editor.,she has been a regular contributor to all major international publications in Greece.( Vogue, Elle, M. Figaro, Votre Beaute, L’Officiel, Maison & Decoration, to name but a few.) and is, till today, working as an interior designer and consultant for various brands in fashion, design and food industries.On May 2014 she founded planB trends studio, with a view to channel her passion and creative vision to broader audiences and, along with her team, to provide to businesses unique multimedia presentations that embody a synthesis of insight with intuition and methods of analytical thinking. An original and authentic way of thought processing and, therefore, a valuable tool that stimulates creativity and innovation.


So what is PlanB and where did it take place, you may ask:

PlanBtrends is a new marketing platform in the events family. It is interactive and designed for each theme in a different environment according to the needs of trends.

It’s the most elegant , upper event in Athens hosting the “crème de la crème” of the Greek Designers and the guests are expected to recognize the “quality” in all its expressions and want to go further.

The place?
It was specially made for that night! A terrace famous for the view of Acropolis and a panoramic view of Athens.
The people

Scanning carefully in their agenda, the PLanB team invited 200 men & women well known for their connection with fashion, interior design, art, opinion leaders -journalists, bloggers- and consumers.They also invited me-very exciting indeed!

The installation

A collage of GREECE. Fabrics, pieces of art, a scenery of Greece but a little bit different. Under the contemporary direction of Athena Matisse, the founder of PlanB trends.


The presentation

Athena Matisse invited 6 famous Greek fashion designers (Vassilis Zoulias, Erifilli Nikolopoulou, Lena Katsanidou, Epiphanios, Dimale, Daphne Valente) to imagine 5 women connected with the real style and Greece, such as Diva Maria Callas, the artist Mara Karetsos or Isadora Duncan the “barefoot dancer” well known for her love for Greece.
Through a unique process, Athena Matisse combined Greek products, artists, fashion, designers, opera singers and great personalities .
A “Collage” of experiences in order to support -through the power of image- the Greek creative talents.

And that was an experience way past plain fashion,was an experience to remember.Until the next PlanB one!

_1676_16937DSC04127ZOULIAS 3ZOULIAS

Athina Matisse

(All photos from the PlanB july event,taken  by V.Psarros )


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