Chanel Couture Fall 2016- ” A inside look to the fashion fairytale”


Karl Lagerfeld chose once more the Grand Palais today to present Chanel’s Fall 2016 Haute Couture collection in Paris—and just like any Chanel event, it was more of a performance act than a fashion show.Chanel herself used to invite customers to shows in her house,still this time,Lagerfeld decided to move the house to the public.He therefore transformed the Grand Palais into a live couture atelier using  bolts of fabrics, cutting tables with the couture seamstresses working during all show.Models underwent “fittings”  and then  walked the runway, showcasing their just-completed couture creations. As Sarah Mower notes: ” Haute Couture is a 3D experience ” and  this effect was much enhanced with Chanel’s current setting.The clothes were,as usual,impeccable, with black arm gauntlets and high black boots allowing the eye to focus on the actual clothes,some great evening wear with emphasis in the shoulders and the neck (some greatly adorned high collars).Some great blacks and whites followed.Note the absence of accessories -its a couture show after all!After all,as Mr Lagerfeld stated: “Behind the girls in the show, there are 200 more who make what they wear—that’s quite a lot, no?—and I thought we should show them to the public too.”







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