12 Months, 12 Fashion Films, 12 Editorials 12 Fashion Designers, 12 Models, 12 Themes- Discover ‘The12Project’



12 Months, 12 Fashion Films, 12 Editorials
12 Fashion Designers, 12 Models, 12 Themes

The12Project is not only a story about fashion,it’s also about art & passion and the world we live in. The12Project introduces fashion designers’ creation through online videos and editorials.Every month, The12Project discusses a theme. Each one explores its own way to deliver a symbolic and unique message that can be discussed.At the end of a 12 months-cycle, the 12 videos will merge to give birth to a new 12-minute movie.Sounds exciting?It actually is. Hadi Moussally, the person behind all this speaks to Sybil.Ilia.

-Which is the main idea behind “The12Project”

My name is Hadi Moussally andI’m a filmmaker and photographer based in Paris and working worldwide. I have studied film-making where I have received two master degrees. Right after, I have founded H7O7Films, a junior production company of films and photos producing music videos, documentaries, fashion films, corporate films. Especially, The12Project where, in addition to its production, I scripted and directed the 12 fashion films and related 12 editorials of 12 different fashion designers in 12 months…

Having always held an avid interest for fashion, I had an idea involving my friends whose occupations span from hair-styling, make-up and fashion styling to graphic design, sound engineering to even poetry. We all came together to create a project where we could all do what we loved and that was how the The12Project was born.



-What was the main concept/inspiration for it?

The idea was the show fashion in a different light, we wanted to use collections to voice our collective thoughts on particular themes. The12Project is 12 months, 12 fashion films, 12 editorials, 12 fashion designers, 12 models and 12 themes. Each month of the year, we produce an art house film that lasts for around one minute and is unique to all the other films in the project but with strong, important messages that are coherent throughout.


– A few words about the themes presented in the project?

When we were creating The12Project, we decided that each month should have a theme, that’s why we did a calendar of themes related to our lives. The 8th of March, for example, is Women’s Day, that’s why the month of March concerned women. In December, the holidays and Christmas are prominent themes, this is we chose to explore the theme of “family” but with a twist. January is about New Year’s Resolutions, that’s why the theme we have chosen is about changing etc…

– What do you find most fascinating about fashion film?

A fashion film is by definition a film based on fashion. What I like most about it, is that it could be the front line or a secondary, an important actor in the movie or just some clothes on models. What i always try to do is to show fashion differently, with a meaning and telling a story. For example : BORN, the first movie of The12Project, is about giving birth. Laetitia Eido, the model actress, is the foetus inside the womb, silently waiting to get out. The contractions and the umbilical cords are taking her out and she screams at the end like the baby screams when he first breath. That’s why we used Manish Arora SS15 Collection, since it’s talking about woman.

Second example : NARCISSUS, the second production, is about developing the senses after getting born. We used Julien fournié’s collection called “First Impulse” to show that. Deila Vogur the model, blind in the cage of mirrors, is developing her senses.






Find all the films here:https://vimeo.com/h7o7films



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