Nina Leen’s rare photos of Vintage Fashion Models


Model is wearing a Jacques Fath ensemble posing beside a 1947 model Delahaye automobile.

Nina Leen may have famously been  a constant contributor to Life magazine and remembered above all for her photographs of animals, many published in book form,yet she also documented European royalty, fashion models, and actresses with excellent results.Peek into Nina Leen’s less known yet most fabulous fashion related ‘fashion/beauty’ world with the images below.


Bold harlequin pattern blouse by Renee Marciel and off-shoulder polka-dot bathing suit with striped and dotted skirt by Alix of Miami, Florida, March 1955


Checked fashions at Roosevelt Raceway’s pari-mutuel window,March


    City fashions, 1951


  Jean Patchett 1949


Kathleen Wallace (center) and models


Lucille Lewis and Jean Patchett wearing feathered hats by Sally Victor


Model is wearing a black velvet jeweled cocktail hat by Chanda that stays put with new “feathercomb” gadget,1953


Model is wearing a classic shirtwaist dress with fancy sleeves by Jay Originals, Miami, Florida, March 1955


Simone D’Aillencourt in a broad-shouldered pinafore of checks worn over a black sheath by Traina-Norell,


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