Clothes out of a fairytale-Venera Kazarova’s magic world of art and fashion design

photo by Ira Bordo4

Venera Kazarova is an artist and fashion designer who makes costumes for the theater, contemporary choreography, performances & photo shoots. She uses fabric, paper, plastic or vintage pieces creating original constructions and  linking all of them with the world of art.Her inspiration may come from great painters such as Giorgio de Chirico,Giuseppe Arcimboldo or even Rene Magritte & from nature forms, from dreams and fairy tales.
In her work she combines her love and passion towards paper & fabric with the eclectic  use of both materials.
Venera Kazarova has a distinct visual of things which touches future paths
and extreme, but disciplined, fairytale motifs.Fashion, in her creations, evolves into art and art in her constructions reaches fashion in a mesmerizing way.

(photos below by Ira Bordo)

photo by Ira Bordo1photo by Ira Bordo2photo by Ira Bordo3

In her own words : ”I create clothes for theater and contemporary choreography as well as paper cut objects for decorating the space and photo shoots.In my work I try to combine my love and passion towards paper & fabric with the use of both materials as well as plastic utensils, polyethylene and everything that comes to hand, especially vintage stuff.
My inspiration comes from nature forms & from dreams & fairy tales.”.

Project:Black & White

photo Ira Bordo
MUAH Olga Glazunova
model Stasya Poškute

photo by Ira Bordo8


Project: ” How to disappear completely”-Dresses made of drawing paper, packaging paper, plastic bottles and wallpaper.

photo Ira Bordo
MUAH Olga Glazunova
model Anastasia Tretyakova, Polina Tsaplina
for Superior mag 

photo by Ira Bordo12photo by Ira Bordo10


Project: Magritte Revisited

The idea of a series of photos Magritte revisited is in playing upon the meaning of R. Magritte`s artistic method and it rethinking in the costume form.
The real objects used in the photo-collages such as wooden floor, door & vases are combined with the elements of picture. These two realities, the photostudio & the picture – become one, and the images are born from the connection of two distant from each other realities – fish and bird; normal individually – the wings and fins – create a surreal world when compared with each other.

photo Elena Kholkina
model Nastya @ Aquarelle
design assistance
Anne Kristine Kromand Krogh
Marie Munk Hartwig
For Contributor Mag

photo by Lena Kholkina1photo by Lena Kholkina3photo by Lena Kholkina4

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