Nikola Tamindzic’s new coffee-table book,”F**KING NEW YORK”, is finally here.


“He’s certainly nabbed our curiosity.” ~Refinery 29~


Nikola Tamindzic is a New York City-based art & fashion photographer. He first gained notoriety in 2004 as Gawker’s house photographer; this led to work with Vogue; the Village Voice named him their Photographer of the Year, the New York Times and British Journal of Photography wrote editorials about his work.For the past four years, he’s been working on a project called FUCKING NEW YORK. The project is now finished, and FUCKING NEW YORK is ready to become a book.FUCKING NEW YORK brought together New Yorkers of all ages, shapes, sizes, social & ethnic backgrounds, and they in turn brought the mix of intense carnality and playful humor,breathing life into FUCKING NEW YORK.


FUCKING NEW YORK is about fucking New York.


FUCKING NEW YORK is the cliché that when you live in New York, you’re in a relationship with New York turned up to eleven. If this is true — if you’re in a relationship with the city, what would sex with the city look like? What would it feel like? How would you fuck New York?

“You can’t control these women. A lot of them are successful writers, performers, activists, politicians. FUCKING NEW YORK challenges men who have been trained to see the nude female form in an open manner as sexual, to see it in a different way. And Donald Trump can kiss my ass.” — Candice Fortin, producer, activist, FUCKING NEW YORK participant


Sex, city and sex with the city-Nikola Tamindzic’s new coffee-table book, ”F**KING NEW YORK”, is being officially launched this Thursday at The Hub in Soho.That kind of event make me wish i were in NYC again but should  you are there dont miss it! In Thursday, May 19, 6-10pm, at The Hub Gallery, 138 Sullivan street, New York an  amazing evening of sensory overload, art and music awaits you to enjoy! Plus,you can get you copy of the book as it is finally available for preorder on Kickstarter! It’s a gorgeous, massive 12.5″x10″, 200-page, 4.5lbs book, and if you pre-order now, you will have your copy delivered to your doorstep this September.

Note that F**KING NEW YORK is available only through pre-orders, so hurry up and reserve your copy of the book! Especially if you’re interested in one of Collector’s Editions: those are going the fastest. The campaign will be open for one month only, and this first edition will not be available afterwards. Don’t miss out!

A quick look at the Collector’s Edition


Peek inside the book:




Get your own copy now via:



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