”Dark is the new Elegance”-The fashion industry’s embracing goth/dark subcultures.


While fashion made serious attempts to showcase its colorful and ultra-feminine side by presenting floral outfits and bright colors to match, this Fall/Winter 2016/17 there is a U-turn to a ‘’Dark sensuality’’ megatrend. Goth and Rock references were almost everywhere present .Plus grunge, of course. But whoever thought that the underlining essence was a ‘’modern punk’’ silhouette’’ would have been mistaken as fashion is currently flirting with the dark side pushing boundaries between elegance and goth culture.

Indeed there has been quite a while since so many goth, albeit ‘’death’’ references were used in an embellished, elaborate manner, a s a source of a luxurious femme fatale ideal much present in the Fall 2016 catwalks. Dark queens and elaborate goth princesses were transforming the catwalk into a place of Haute Couture drama, while death culture-related details such as skulls appeared to have a teleological feel.
Of course the ‘’New Dark’’, be it in outfits, make up or accessories has been re-invented by fashion House’s that emphasized its nostalgic, romantic part and focus on female silhouette, leaving aside the actual harshness of the whole dark street-style idea that pre-existed. There is now a new sensuality defined by the measure of ‘’fate’’, as the definition of ‘’femme fatale’’ openly declares along with a vision of a dark age and a dark future to come given the recent sociopolitical events. The ‘’Gucci Fall Winter ad campaign is encompassing exactly that as well as fetish culture. Then there is Saint Laurent Fall 2016/17 advertisements, a true study into the dark places of the mind along with Givenchy Haute Couture where glam Goth was encompassed as a strong influence in fabrics and pattern techniques. In the case of Prada, the most decadent yet luxuriously laid out part of the trend where showcased.
This sense came as a breath of fresh air to an industry that was struggling for new images, new inspirations, new fashion dna to work with. Along with the lascivious trend from last season, the combination of dark imagery and feminine elements are producing a modern idea of a romantic yet ‘’fateful’’ woman, the one that will destroy your soul but will do it with impeccable style.

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