The Met Gala:What went wrong?Discussing the issue with PR guru Mauricio Padilha


Carolina Kurkova wearing the ”Cognitive Dress”, a product of a partnership between British design studio Marchesa and Watson, IBM’s friendly cognitive computer.

Mauricio Padilha is no random person,he is the co-owner of New York based fashion public relations firm MAO Public Relations. Also known for starting the careers of Jason Wu, Fausto Puglisi, Peter Som, Gary Graham, The Blonds and Sally LaPointe.

Padilha is also the co-author of three Rizzoli coffee table books;The Stephen Sprouse Book 2009, Antonio Lopez; Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco 2012 and GLOSS; The work of Chris von Wangenheim 2015.).In other words, the relevant person to comment this year’s controversial Met Gala!

-Ok,how would you describe this year’s Met Gala in a sentence ?

The MET Gala looked like a casting call for the next ZOOLANDER movie.

– Many celebrities/their stylists failed to sartorially interpret the Manus X Machina theme. Is this a cultural evolution of the event or just a bad year?

There is a fine line between making an outfit space age and chic or having it come off as a Halloween costume, I think the most talented stylists were behind the looks of Claire Danes and Karolina Kurtkova who looked futuristic yet effortless.

– Name the celebrities you think that where the best dressed.

Nicole Kidman looked the best overall but Lauren Santo Domingo and Jordan Dunn took the theme and looked gorgeous.

Jordan  Dunn in Balmain

– The worst dressed?

Grimes looked like she took her high school sweat pants and made it into a dress.

– What advice would you give to the event organizers? What went wrong?

Absolutely nothing went wrong, now a days it is about entertainment and boy o boy this years gala was extremely entertaining!

-I can’t say i don’t agree!

Claire Danes is a customed micro fibre Zac Posen gown


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