Architect Niccolo Casas and Iris Van Herpen continue their collaboration and research on 3D printed apparels.


For the 2016 Lucid Collection, architect Niccolo Casas and fashion designer Iris Van Herpen continue their collaboration and research on 3D printed apparels.
In the search for dynamic properties combined with aesthetic complexity and structural variation, Iris Van Herpen and Niccolo Casas have fused technology with handicraft: the collection features two 3D printed Magma dresses that combine flexible TPU printing, creating a fine web together with polyamide rigid printing.
All the components are unique; they differentiate – changing in shape and direction – depending on the body’s position so as to adapt and amplify according to the model’s movement.
In this way, Niccolo Casas and Iris van Herpen investigate not only new aesthetic performances but also new elegant interactions between the body and garments through the use of technology.
Overcoming the earlier ideas of sculptural shells, Niccolo Casas and Iris Van Herpen are developing a series of techniques in order to infer dynamic properties while still maintaining all the “sculptural” advantages that 3D printing offers.
The Magma dress represents a further step on the path that started with the magnetic Motion Dress (2015 Magnetic Motion Collection). The dress is in fact not only a dynamic combination of 3D printed rigid components, but a system that merges 3D printed flexible and rigid materials with traditional craftsmanship; one of the dresses is in fact stitched from 6.052 3D printed elements.
The other dress, on the contrary, loses its rigid elements so as to evidence a light and delicate 3D printed flexible lace that gently shapes itself to the body’s curvatures.
Eventually, the evolution of 3D printed fashion will reside not only in the evolution of digital design techniques and material experimentation, but also in the traditional craftsmanship integration.


Many thanks to Niccolo Casas,

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