Rick Owens Will Stay His Course and Consumers Will Wait


While it may seem that nearly every brand is adopting some iteration of the new runway-to-retail scheme, with most opting to be part of the trendy new See Now-Buy Now movement, Rick Owens has never been one to go with the flow. And so, not surprisingly, the Paris-based designer, known for his dark, twisted aesthetic and much-talked about runway shows, is holding his ground and sticking to the traditional schedule. Like it or not.

Speaking to New York Times T Magazine’s Laura Neilson, Owens spoke about his designs, their intricacy and the fact that consumers will just have to wait to get their hands on his wares. He said: “It’s like handwriting. It’s like every piece here has a handwritten gesture that’s personal of mine, that no one else can really duplicate. I thought that was a nice thing, and it was a nice contrast to fear and to doom. It wasn’t about control, and I wasn’t thinking desperately about how I can get my clothes into stores the next day after my show. It was about how can I make something that’s intimate and personal, and people might have to wait for it.”

more at The Fashion Law

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