Photographer Paulina Otylie Surys shot this story for the 10th anniversary of Gareth Pugh, featuring his archival collections. Paulina Otylie Surys born in Leszno, Poland now lives and works in London. She is an all-analog fine art and photographer and recently launched herself as a fashion photographer. Her creations are hand-painted using a mixture of toners, chemicals, inks and dry dyes. As such they have a strong relationship with classic photography and paintings.


“I utilised ephemeral sculptures in the set design, made using cheap or found DIY materials, constructed in a studio in East London. The finished work was published in the 10th anniversary edition of Wonderland Magazine. The characters featured in the story are real. They’re a typical array of the underworld characters you come across at certain parties and art exhibitions. I have to say that Billie Turnbull at AAMO did an amazing job on the street cast. Fashion editor Mathew Josephs created disassembled, dystopian looks that perfectly suited and enhanced the apocalyptic tone of the shoot. I have no interest in meeting expectations of mainstream fashion photography. I do not aim to create images of perfection. The constant barrage of unreal and absolute beauty we see in the media serves only to feed people’s inadequacies and complexes and this is not something I care to help perpetuate. There are more interesting things in life. I think Gareth also prefers working outside of the mainstream; I do not think he would want to submit to others’ expectations. There is no compromising, that is why his work has always been so strong. It is art.”



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Explore more of Paulina’s work with Impossible

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