The beauty that once were Balenciaga.


Being artistic director to one of the major fashion houses is super tough enough,let alone this house being Balenciaga,with all this prestige and history.Yet it was exactly this history and archive that could be creatively used from Demna Gvasalia so as to design a modern Balenciaga collection.The result showcased that he did had references to the brands dna,only for them to be schematic,referencing a silhouette where he should be referencing a philosophy. He admitted the process by stating: “Cristóbal was about the tailoring. I wanted a new way of finding that elegance for today, in a 360-degree way.”, not a lie but..half truth as Balenciaga was about restructuring and tailoring aiming to favor the female silhouette and showcase fashion’s relevance ro everything,from architecture to photography.“I started by making a list of garments, which is what we do at Vetements. Like the shirt, the coat, the trench coat, the aviator, the floral dress, the sweater. Then we drape—I never do sketches,” said Gvasalia.”The method in conspicuously..dangerous, with results that reminded Margiela,Vetements,Mugler and Yamamoto.. He seems not to understand where he is,he is designing for Balenciaga not Vetements-completely different tasks and images.Lets hope we’ll see some Balenciaga next season,this one was already lost and gone.


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