Christian Dior FALL 2016- ”A lucky escape”


This collection marks a turning point at Dior.It showcased the studio’s potential to serve the difficult task of creating a whole collection without a creative director in the house.Not a wise time for experimenting,indeed and they did played it safe.Or shall i say..supersafe? All the Dior staples were present, the smoking jacket, the basic black dress, the high waisted skirts.The coats where nice,the knits interesting,the prints boring.Still the need for a more coherent fashion message was obvious-Dior isn’t a fashion house that can ‘skip’collections by playing it safe all too often.Persevering the house’s dna in a sensible matter was achieved,if that was the point but the collection counted 55 items and inevitably things became boring as time went by.I mean..too many coats.Enough.Now,find a creative director that creatively…directs.



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