Forget the clothes,its ‘all about the hype’ at Balmain.


Honestly now i have reached the point where i feel so tired from Balmainmania and subsequently the clothes, even before viewing the show,let alone after.Probably because  clothes don’t really seem to matter after all.Twitter was full with photos of Kendall and Gigi, who flipped hair colors, walking in the show-now how important is THAT? The celebrity cast included  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karlie Kloss, and Jourdan Dunn also down the runway plus a celebrity prestigious Front Row (and a live band)!.And,still, while looking at the clothes you couldn’t avoid the feeling of something pathetic,something Kardashian-inspired and aiming to them,not a sign of an effort to deliver a good or at least decent collection.But Olivier Rousteing seems to believe that counting thousands of followers at Instagram equals for ill-conceived silhouettes and bad tailoring.Well,it doesn’t._MON0661_MON1091_MON0763_MON0459_MON1215_MON0935_MON0963_MON0853_MON0197_MON0381_MON0257



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