Dolce & Gabbana Fall2016-Fairies and Fairytales


“We know how the world is today. Fashion makes people dream—this is the service fashion gives” Gabbana concluded the duos show preview, with the designer adopting the role of the storyteller,the one that makes dreams come true and transforms girls to princesses.This collection was indeed one inspired by Disney heroines,fairy tales,Alice in Wonderland to begin with.It also showcased a sense of playfulness and humor much appreciated.As to the outfits themselves,there were some good and some not-so-good moments. There were some amazing dresses with cartoonish ornaments and ensembles featuring some military jackets hyper adorned,the Dolce et Gabbana way.Of course, the brand loves a good show most of all yet this season there was a costumey quality that had nothing to do with the sheer D&G mediterranian elegance.There was fairy tale (mostly ‘Frozen’ inspired ), there was excellent tailoring to the detail but i’d rather consider this collection as one made to entertain and celebrate fashion and its fantasy potential.





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