Bottega Veneta Fall 2016-”A model collection”


Well,if there was one collection i could use to showcase brilliant wearable fashion to all the Hedis of the world,it would have been the Bottega Veneta one.No FROW fuss,no hyper analyzing themes and ”inspirations”, just plain perfect clothes that swapped glam for chic-in an excellent manner! Thomas Maier realizes well that you don’t have to look like a prostitute to be confident and sexy,you just need the appropriate clothes for boosted confidence. So he showed belted cardigans,comfortable loose pants,great fitting coats and ultra chic dresses.There were also a sheer excellence in the combination of different prints and the patterns in his deux-pieces that made you want to wear them RIGHT NOW!

What i think was is biggest success is that he created excellent saleable clothes,making use of the brand’s past  silhouettes  yet modernized them in terms of design and -most of all,fabric techniques.Everything was brilliantly executed to look  up-to-date and equally serve as a future classic.Not something that many can do.PS,i loved the silver boots!


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