”Great Expectations…”-Prada FALL 2016 READY-TO-WEAR


_MON0047”Everything is symbolic. It is like a collage of what is happy or painful, of whether you are feeling beautiful or horrible, when you have love or no love. I thought of it as like someone who has all the clothes she’s ever had on the floor in front of her in the morning, and she must choose how she’s going to assemble herself.” stated Prada backstage to support a concept of a collection that was interesting but not as groundbreaking as she,perhaps,thought it might be.Playing with opposites acquires a new way of expressing semantics in a polarized world, still,wearing your whole wardrobe all together won’t help much.Prada is a trendsetter to her many followers, no doubt,and the present show won’t disappoint them, as it had all Pradasque elements present,bold and big.

On the other hand,i could stop wondering what was the aesthetic explanation of all those faux fur brutally placed in the hemline of almost every possible outfit,let it be a dress or a jacket.Then,anoraks over formal skirts and ‘artistic motifs’ that could not be combined with anything,let along with each other.The darker pieces were the best,with blue/black coats worn with medieval/japanese inspired corset belts,worn with some fabulous accessories such as handbags,berets,printed gloves.I long for a Prada fashion show with plain black outfits,leaving the accessories (her best ground  as proven so far) to take the protagonist role.Too bad i’ll never see it.



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