London Fashion Week Fall 2016: Designer ‘moodboard’ Inspirations

With London Fashion Week Fall 2016 approaching, wwd collected a series of designer moodboards that showcase the artistic procedure made by composing inspiration images/art,later transformed into a collection theme,as shown below.

London Fall 2016 Inspirations

“Fall is about girls I know and girls I wish I knew. [Girls] standing against a pinball machine, cheering on their boyfriend while sipping on a Diet Coke. Weight shifted to one hip, one hand, one shoulder, knowing that it’s almost past their curfew and they won’t ever make it home on time. But they have one last quarter and it has to be spent.”
— Alexander Lewis 


London Fall 2016 Inspirations

“Intricate use of light captured the essence of the Amanda Wakeley woman for fall. The palette also veers toward darker tones, maintaining a contemporary and graphic [style], highlighting the architectural inspiration behind the collection.”

— Amanda Wakeley

London Fall 2016 Inspirations“I am inspired by Erwin Blumenfeld’s ‘Fantasies.’ The collection draws on his belief that the camera is a flexible medium that should be used with imagination and fantasy. It’s fanciful, it gives a new feeling to forms and figures and flips to a blunt and contemporary tone.”

— Emilia Wickstead

London Fall 2016 Inspirations

“A story and the expectations of ‘Love’s Young Dream.'”
— Mary Katrantzou

London Fall 2016 Inspirations

“Fall brings Temperley sirens to London.”
— Alice Temperley



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