“CODED_COUTURE” Exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery


Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present CODED_COUTURE, an exhibition that proposes a new interpretation of couture where coding is the ultimate design tool for creating customized garments and accessories. The works displayed range from forward-looking garments and accessories to video projections, objects, drawings, photographs, and interactive applications that provide the public with greater insights into what the future of fashion may hold. The exhibition, which will open during New York Fashion Week in February 2016, is curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox of c2-curatorsquared and features work by 10 international designers.

The works in CODED_COUTURE are categorized according to four basic coding themes: biological, cultural, psychological, and synergistic. The themes explore topics of identity, representation, and how we relate to others through highly personalized fashion designs.

Featured projects include:

· Dress design by Dutch designer Melissa Coleman that uses a speech recognition system to analyze voice stress as an indicator of untruthfulness. The dress lights up and administers shocks based on the wearer’s responses, “training” the wearer to become more truthful. The dress will be on display alongside a video that will show it in use.

· Custom skirt design based on the world’s first Twitter dress that displays live Twitter feeds or changes color based on real-time audience input, by British design team CuteCircuit (Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz). Visitors will be encouraged to interact with the piece using a specially-created hashtag.

· Accessories by British designer Amy Congdon that envision a world where new luxury materials are fashioned from cells, not fabrics. Her collections transcend the realm of the lab, exist as fashion, and employ tissue engineering and bio-ink jet printing. The prototype objects on display are fashioned from enamel scales and will be accompanied by photographs from Congdon’s lab.

Other artists included in the exhibition are Marloes ten Bhömer, Cedric Flazinski, Ying Gao, Mary Huang, N O R M A L S, Simon Thorogood, and Alison Tsai. The exhibition will debut at Pratt Manhattan Gallery and will travel nationally at galleries including Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas and Tufts University Art Gallery through Winter/Spring 2018.


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