Saint Laurent Fall 2016-Selling ‘chic’ to L.A. ‘chicks’.


I initially thought L.A. wasn’t actually a ‘proper’ place for a Saint Laurent collection show.However,now that i have seen the collection designed by Hedi Slimane for this very occasion,i feel i must rephrase,Saint Laurent went indeed L.A cool but for the huge prize of sacrificing the overall idea of what  the House of YSL used to be and admired for.

What Hedi Slimane is actually doing in Saint Laurent is simply making noise (literally!) to distract us from realizing that the actual clothes-viewed out of the ‘hype moment’- are poor designed and dont flatter any female silhouette-just look at the models! Mid-length culottes and high boots combined with furry stuff and animal print were his suggestion for Fall 2016.He also presented a reproduction of a typical mid-calf dress first introduced by Yves in his Rive Gauche collection-and magically transformed it into something cheap-looking.  All the luxury of the fabrics and the mix-n-match of them can’t save a collection that was  focused on slowly destroying the iconic House’s dna and calling it a ”revolution”.Hilarious still… painfully true.Lets hope this was a ‘goodbye all’ collection..


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