Since 1913, the house of Prada has created luxurious objects that were very much ahead of their time. Think embossed leather bags, strikingly modern silk clutches finished with ivory locks carved in the shape of satyr heads and mirrored tortoiseshell cases covered in tiny golden stars. Simply put, the house that Prada built has always exuded opulence while still remaining true to its slightly surreal, unusual roots. The brands newest book, Pradasphere, out April 21st, divides the storied fashion house into six layers: Origins, Typologies, Specimens, Construction, Evolution, and Observation. Throughout each section, the large-scale tome shows examples and obsessions of designer Miuccia Prada’s designs, inspirations, advertisements and film collaborations with the likes of Wes Anderson and Ridley Scott over the last 30 years.


An example of Miuccia Prada's technical work from the Construction section.gallery-1428947034-hbz-prada-shoe-newhbz-prada-5hbz-prada-6hbz-prada-7hbz-prada-10


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