Cathleen Naundorf captures couture in a unique,dreamy way-first New York City exhibition


The scenes that photographer Cathleen Naundorf concocts to photograph couture are so atmospheric, at first glance, they appear to be images of holiday window displays. Paired with the hazy saturation of Polaroid film, the effect is altogether dreamlike — and given the surreal amount of labor goes into making a couture garment, entirely fitting.

Naundorf was born in the same small German town the legendary Vogue photographer Horst P. Horst, a contemporary of Irving Penn and Cecil Beaton. After she called Horst one day out of the blue to tell him so, he became her mentor, and they spoke everyday on the phone for years. While Naundorf has also done her share of photojournalism, her fashion photos show Horst’s influence most clearly, using light to make her images almost sculptural. You can see a selection for yourself next week at Edwynn Houk Gallery, which is also Naundorf’s first show in New York.

f2_l_arche_de_noe_xviii_by_cathleen_naundorf_dior_haute_couture_summer_2012_photo_studio_bastille_paris_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer f4_an_ordinary_day_valentino_hc_summer_2008_no20_atelier_d_artiste_cite_jandelle_paris_color_print_from_original_polaroid_cathleen_naundorf_at_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer f7_l_arche_de_noe_xxxiii_elie_saab_haute_couture_summer_2014_photo_studio_deux_choses_lune_cathleen_naundorf_at_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer_0 s1_4pm_in_london_color_print_from_original_polaroid_cathleen_naundorf_at_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer s3_my_little_darling_dior_hc_winter_2006_no_30_hotel_plaza_athenee_paris_color_print_from_original_polaroid_cathleen_naundorf_at_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer s5_secret_times_grand_palais_i_chanel_hc_summer_2010_no48_49_grand_palais_paris_color_print_from_original_polaroid_cathleen_naundorf_at_edwynn_houk_gallery_yatzer

“Cathleen Naundorf” is on display at the Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York City from January 14 through February 27.


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