Christian Louboutin presents shoe mystery ”Who killed Amazoula”-cracking the case?


Footwear and accessories label Christian Louboutin is building intrigue around its spring collection with a murderous plot.

Turning consumers into the detectives themselves, “Who Killed Amazoula?” tells the tale of a glamorous Parisian’s demise as it follows those attempting to solve the mystery of her death. Throughout the short, Christian Louboutin is able to naturally show off its spring/summer 2016 collection as the gumshoes gather evidence in the victim’s apartment.


Christian Louboutin’s film was teased on social media on Jan. 5, forcing consumers to return to its Web site and social channels on Jan. 7 to see the remainder. Positioning the audience as sleuths themselves, the brand invites them to solve the murder with the release of the full video.


The subject of the two-minute film is Amazoula, who wandered back to her apartment in the 1st Arrondissement late one night. Despite only enjoying two glasses of Champagne, the woman feels unsettled.When the sun comes up, her maid Wawy Dolly wakes and finds her employer lying on the floor, her home in disarray around her. She notices unfamiliar footprints on the carpet and also sees that Amazoula’s suitcases are partially packed as if she was getting away.

The film begins as Detective Baila arrives on the scene, called to investigate the mysterious murder by the police commissioner Laperouse. Clad in a trench coat, the detective strides up to the door to Amazoula’s apartment in stilettos, pulling her badge out of her tote bag and brandishing it for an officer before crossing the caution tape.


After looking at Amazoula’s body, which still wears her lace-up leopard sandals and clutches a tube of Rouge Louboutin lip color, the detective moves to the adjoining room to interview Dolly. The maid, wearing a classic black-and-white uniform paired with hot pink pumps, is visibly teary as she responds.Showing details on some of the shoes in the collection, the detective and commissioner both examine pumps left on the scene for clues.Detective Baila places an evidence marker beside Amazoula’s open handbag and bags up a bottle of Rouge Louboutin nail color.As Baila and Laperouse leave the scene, concluding that the killer fled quickly, leaving all of Amazoula’s possessions in tact. As they go, the camera shifts to the inside of Amazoula’s closet, where a pair of unidentified legs are hiding.

Who killed Amazoula? Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection harbors a mystery; will you help us crack the case? Start your investigation on

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