Fall 2015-Art as Fashion,Fashion as Art


As an antidote to tasteful tailoring and classical silhouettes,designers mixed up a fusion made by references from bohemian 70s to baroque elements,punk to Bauhaus.This process has the spirit and the origins in real postmodernism-a masterly remix of trends’ past.Coco Chanel’s ”Fashion is a Job” in comparison to Poiret’s ”Fashion is Art” only indicate that the boundaries are to be pushed,creating a magical fusion of fashion items with the allure of true artistic pieces.The synthesis of a concept, of a sound, of a ray of light that will be reinterpreted to the infinite in a selection of forms, colors, and sounds…. since even fabrics have a sound and this quality was exceptionally used by late McQueen.We, therefore, can’t look at a Dali without thinking of Schiaparelli; From Emilio Pucci’s black and white graphics,Chloé, Etro and Burberry Prorsum presented folk and bold patchwork that draw inspiration from 70’s art and design while others such as Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons,Junya Watanabe and V.Westwood where the actual forefronters of fashion as art,art as fashion.  

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