‘Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 RTW-The essence of Italy’


Dolce & Gabbana are by far my favorite Italian designers.Matching elegant cuts with super embelished accessories,they usually derive inspiration from the great Italian tradition.Last year it was Portofino,now the idea is ”Going sighseeing”, with the models actually taking some (now most sought after) selfies while on the catwalk.All sorts of vintage references were there,motifs that represented the Colosseum or the Tower of Piza on colorful midi dresses plus accessories like printed scarves,sunglasses or sandals along with the everpresent ‘Sicilian’ blacks.Someone might say its time to go more minimal still the talent/skill of transforming extravaganza into wearable pieces is something that Dolce &Gabbana are very good at while having fun. As Stefano Gabbana exclaimed: “We don’t believe in fashion for trends any more. We want to show emotion. Just enjoy!”

_DOL0031 _DOL0173 _DOL0273 _DOL0423 _DOL0581 _DOL0633 _DOL0687 _DOL0803 _DOL0933 _DOL1093

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