Givenchy Code: #GRTnyc17- Desperately seeking Fashion.


This season, creative director Ricardo Tisci will bring Givenchy to New York Fashion Week instead of Paris for the first time,  thus celebrating the opening of the house’s Manhattan flagship on Madison Avenue. The whole idea though is being pursued further with opening the NY show to people with tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis. A gesture that creates the necessary media buzz that Tisci knows well, and triggers the publicity game he masters. Some speak about “democratizing fashion” and, indeed, everyday people’s ticketed access to a high fashion show isn’t the norm today, with this chapter covered by broadcasts.

Yet, the key to understanding Givenchy’s idea of  allotting 1,200 tickets for spectators lays at the fact that FROW, celebrities etc will be positioned in a raised viewing area. So there is still a class distinction in fashion, with the term ‘’High Fashion’’ stretched into spatial semiology, high and low ones. Will people rush to attend the show out of sheer fashion interest, curiosity or celebrity spotting doesn’t seem to matter that much. It’s an interesting “ experiment” yet by no means a new one. From 1940’s department stores’ tea-party shows, to 1970’s alternative venues, the fashion show has always been pushing the boundaries between fashion itself and performing acts. But creative fusion between fashion and modern art its only working where there is fashion to be perceived, not only Naomi Campbell or the Kardashian family. And there’s some more.

 Fashion design itself does seem to be Tisci’s weak spot, with the Italian producing collections that their quality range from ‘ok’ to ‘ugly’ ,even though being highly praised by his media friends as “trend setting” and “innovating”. Yet, it only takes a click or two to come across real fashion-the Givenchy archives/photos available on the web. If you can’ do fashion with show, your work becomes a modern fashion landmark such as McQueen’s .If you can only do show, you’ll end up doing a staged reality show that has been done better and before. Who cares about clothes when we have trends?


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