Prada RTW Fall 2015-”Nerdy ‘Soft Pop”

prada34 prada37

There are plenty of reasons  i find myself  biased when it comes to Prada since it’s hard for me to reason or justify most of her collections as something chic and worth-existing in the fashion world. This time,with sales decreasing,Prada worked with 50’s /70’s shapes and pastels (seen that before) as well as synthetic fabrics (nylon,neoprene) that made silhouettes look unnatural and cheap.The pants were so ill fitted that made me thing that,yes, they were made non chic on purpose!Using strategically placed adornments,the designer made dresses look interesting but seek no further than that.The accessories were brilliant,as always, sealing my idee fixe that Prada would flourish as an accessories’ designer.But just that,thank you very much.

prada01 prada04 prada06 prada09 prada12 prada17 prada22 prada30 prada35

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