John Galliano Named Creative Director of Maison Martin Margiela-and why is that big news.




”There’s room for the Gap, but the joy of dressing is an art.”
~John Galliano~


After John Galliano’s  dismissal from helm of Dior in 2011, the designer is making a huge comeback. According to WWD, Galliano has been named creative director at Maison Martin Margiela, where he will supervise women’s and men’s RTW as well as the couture line. His debut collection is expected at Paris Haute Couture Week in January with much anticipation.As Renzo Rosso,president of OTB stated :” “John Galliano is one of the greatest, undisputed talents of all time – a unique, exceptional couturier for a maison that always challenged and innovated the world of fashion. I look forward to his return to create that fashion dream that only he can create, and wish him to here find his new home.OTB also stressed that a “visionary, non-conformist” talent would give “significance to the iconoclastic heritage of Margiela, and new impulse to its exciting future.”So true.

So why is Galliano’s return to the fashion industry making headlines and breaking news?One side is that he is a pure creative genius,no doubt, and as such he needs an venture to showcase his work.The most important issue though is the significant absolute lack of new creative personalities in the current fashion situation,offering the magic that is fashion without designing plain simply for the racks.Fashion needs more ”Galliano’s” to survive as part of the creative arts,something i don’t see it coming soon.


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