Designer Sabinna Rachimova and the search for modernity-An interview


Sabinna is a London/Vienna-based fashion designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. The Russian-born designer grew up in Vienna and before moving to London, she gained work experience at the atelier of Schella Kann. In 2012 Sabinna worked for the leading Parisian fashion house Christian Dior and in 2013 for the outstanding London brand Mary Katrantzou. In 2014 she launched her own womenswear and accessories label SABINNA a hybrid of basic yet well-tailored staples to outstanding,playful,details in cut and embellishment.Her work is fresh and of quality,showcasing a person of potential someone has to have eyes on.Here’s her interview to Sybilia



What mostly influenced you to get involved with fashion/art?

Probably my grandmother and somehow also Russian TV. My grandmother was really into fashion, she would always wear her own creations (she wasn’t a designer though, her actual job was teaching in  a high school back in USSR) and she also sew stuff for me when I was a kid. And Russian TV was always crazy and colorful for me, with a lot of things that might be considered tasteless. I liked that mix and also how all these things developed my imagination.

-How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?

With my designs I try to experiment with textured and shapes that carry the same color. I find it interesting to see how the look changes due to silhouette and texture rather then the applied colors or prints.


s there something you ‘like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?

I would like to do a long research trip for my next collection. Visit places that I have never seen before and get inspired in a new way. Also I would be interested in collaborating with other young designers.

-Are there any contemporary (or older) creative that influenced you?

If we speak about Fashion: I am a huge fan of Raf Simons, I simply love his aesthetics. Also I really like the British designer Roksanda Ilincic – great designs and textures.





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