Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear-Uniformed forms


Marc Jacobs’ show had many similarities with his previous presentations while in the head of Vouis Vuitton-grande,powerful yet megalomaniac.I wont go into the bubble colored 3-d space or into the so-called  ‘sound wall'(by D.Dre) that each participant had to ‘experience’ through headphones-so old in terms of performing arts.With the main subject being the idea of ‘uniform’,the whole show went towards the aesthetic version of a uniformed individual-woman,missing the actual semiotic richness of the idea. Jacobs told’s Nicole Phelps, that the whole violin accompanied  narrated text was “to put everybody in their own world.” But..which world?

The collections main concept was sexualized uniforms-in that he did well.Khaki, brown,teal uniforms,the military jacket reviewed,utility pants etc.It has been proved in the past that each historic period defined by the essence of military alert,fashion collections tend to follow up,this was not an exception.’Military clothes are part of the fashion vernacular now,” Jacobs  said.It has been there ages before.But,honestly now,military skater pants?Defined waists in khaki uniform buttoned up outfits?And why did  the pants had to be so ill-fitting?And what about those rather long uniform jackets?Ok there where some looks that i would keep and of course great accessories but the rest of the ‘sexualized uniform’ is a task that perhaps Galliano could do it and get away with it.Marc Jacobs made efforts to showcase an ironic ‘regard’ to the whole essence of american militarism. It ended up being an irony to himself.Sorry.





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