Hervé Léger RTW Spring 2015-”Sexy urban Warrior”


Max and Lubov Azria stated that the ‘onna-­bugeisha’ aka  a female samurai warrior has been their inspiration for the Hervé Léger RTW Spring 2015 collection.The straight,symmetrical lines of the outfits along with an aggressive sensuality were key elements to the show.The presentation started with pint items that seemed like the act b to the Hervé Léger Winter experimentation.Then,a dozen of interesting outfits appears in strict patterns and strategically placed geometrical cuts or,when needed, a trombe i’oeil approach to that-yest somehow looked great.The idea of a urbanized yet ultra female warrior produced some outfits such as the  black blouse with hot-pants,the nude corseted-like dress,,the pastels and the use of origamici techniques .The urban warrior themed swifted to slightly sporty in some great orange and yellow body-con dresses -i must admit my first thought was Alexander Wang taking notes on this very collection for his next ”athletic shoes turned dresses” concept.


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