Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear: ”Basics gone diving”


Here we are again,me trying to be free of predispositions and a friend commenting at the sight of my despair: ”This is New York.You don’t apply your Paris criteria here,it won’t work.How true.Now,regarding Alexander Wang’s collection,i faced with the outmost respect the barcoded jackets,then it started gettingvtennis basics-and better.Then i was struck with neon dresses,something like raving 90’s meet diver’s suit.Good fit though.I’d rather go for the neon blue blouses paired with black trousers and the skater’s microskirt. The design along with harsh material like thick leather, bold plastics and water diving special materials and so, weirdly worked a few times.In others,like the fitted bomber jacket it was just pathetic.In the end,athletic motifs  went almost tribal yet in the case of black and white or orangey bustiers,shouldn’t the trousers have a better fit?Just asking.






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