BOSS Releases New Fashion Film Directed by Marco Brambilla starring Suvi Koponen

Hugo_Boss_DSC_1987_BENNING_01 (1)


Just before the brand’s official present at New York Fashion Week,the brand released a new fashion film,directed by Marco Brambilla.

”I wanted to present a completely different take on BOSS,” said Artistic Director of BOSS Womenswear, “This film expresses a marriage of nature and technology, classical versus hi-tech.” The film is set to Tchaikovsky’s “The Sleeping Beauty”  The atmosphere  film appear just  like the column of white silk Suvi Koponen is dressed in, both elegant and sensual.Jason Wu stated that: ”Marco doesn’t often shoot models this way, and for the second This Is Boss, I wanted to collaborate with someone who works differently but still relates back to our world.” As for his choice to feature Koponen, Wu offered, “The film is very dramatic—there’s an orchestra in the background, but she looks as though she’s birthed from nature.”:

P1130206_sRGB_02 S15SR_FashionShow_Movie_BTS_006_sRGB_06 S15SR_FashionShow_Movie_BTS_015_sRGB_05 S15SR_FashionShow_Movie_BTS_023_sRGB_03

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